How to install the Microsoft Loopback adapter in Windows

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is a virtual/dummy network card,just follow following steps:

1. Got to Control Panel, double-click Add Hardware
2. Click Yes, I have already connected the hardware
3. At the bottom of the Installed hardware list, click Add a new hardware device
4. Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list
5. In the Common hardware types list, click Network adapters
6. In the Manufacturers list box, click Microsoft.
7. In the Network Adapter list box, click Microsoft Loopback Adapter
8. Click Next to start installing the drivers for your hardware.
9. Click Finish.
10. Click Start,click Settings, and then click Network Connections to verify that the Microsoft Loopback Adapter has been installed.


  • do not set the gateway because you can screw you internet connection
  • do not set DNS because you really don’t need it
  • do not set or or addresses from the same class as your internet connection address
  • The addresses that I’m using most of the time are or with as mask.




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