Assigning RFC Authorizations SAP User

  1. Navigate to   Tools → Administration → User Maintenance → Role Administration → Roles   (transactionPFCG).
  2. Create a new role  ePillars and save the role.
  3. Choose the Authorizations tab.
  4. Choose Change Authorization Data. If the system shows a list of templates, choose Do not select templates.
  5. You should now be in Change role: Authorizations.
  6. Expand the (Selection Criteria )
  7. AAAB – Cross-application Authorization Objects and locate S_RFC – Authorization check for RFC access.
  8. Choose the minus [-] to add it to your selection.
  9. Choose insert chosen.
  10. Assign values to the properties of the authorization:
    1. Set Activity to *, you can choose the * to do this.
    2. Set Name of RFC to be protected to *.
    3. Set Type of RFC object to be protected to Function group.
  11. Choose Save.


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