Connecting to SAP BW with Microsoft Excel

1). Creating A Connection , To start the Data Connection Wizard, select the Data tab,Click on From Other Sources on the ribbon and a drop down list will appear.11

2). Select From Data Connection Wizard and the Data Connection Wizard dialog with the Welcome to the Data

Connection Wizard banner will appear.



3). Select Other/Advanced and then click on Next.  The Data Link Properties dialog will appear



4). The Provider tab will be selected automatically. Scroll down the OLE DB Provider(s) list, select SAP BW

OLE DB Provider and click on Next, or on the Connection tab. You will then be able to define your
connection parameters



5). Fill in the following connection information:



6). Test Connection



7). Test Sucessful.



8). Click on OK to continue.  You will be returned to the Data Link Properties dialog.

9).Enter the initial catalog to use: drop down list. The SAP Logon dialog

will appear so that you can log on to the system. Highlight the catalog to select it and click on OK.


10).Select the cube you wish to use and then click on Next >. The Data Connection Wizard will appear with the

Save Data Connection File and Finish banner.






12). Selecting A View of The Data


13). Populating The PivotTable.



14).You can drag and drop characteristics and key figures from the PivotTable Field List onto the boxes below to

have them show up as Column, or Row labels, filters or values. If you just click on them, Values will go to
Values, characteristics to Row Labels, and time characteristics to Column Labels by default. Your data will
be inserted into the PivotTable directly from your SAP BW server over a live connection.


15).From here you can begin to explore the world of your SAP BW data.




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