How to send email with existing template -odoo

def send_by_email(self, cr, uid,ids, context=None):
mail_mail = self.pool.get('mail.mail')
email_template_obj = self.pool.get('email.template')
template_ids =, uid, [('model_id.model', '=','account.invoice')], context=context)
ir_attachment = self.pool.get('ir.attachment')
if template_ids:

values = email_template_obj.generate_email(cr, uid, template_ids[0], 2, context=context)
if not values.get('email_from'):
raise osv.except_osv(_('Warning!'), _("Sender email is missing or empty after template rendering. Specify one to deliver your message"))
values['recipient_ids'] = [(4, pid) for pid in values.get('partner_ids', list())]
attachment_ids = values.pop('attachment_ids', [])
attachments = values.pop('attachments', [])
msg_id = mail_mail.create(cr, uid, values, context=context)
mail = mail_mail.browse(cr, uid, msg_id, context=context)

for attachment in attachments:
attachment_data = {
'name': attachment[0],
'datas_fname': attachment[0],
'datas': attachment[1],
'res_model': 'mail.message',
context = dict(context)
context.pop('default_type', None)
attachment_ids.append(ir_attachment.create(cr, uid, attachment_data, context=context))
if attachment_ids:
values['attachment_ids'] = [(6, 0, attachment_ids)]
mail_mail.write(cr, uid, msg_id, {'attachment_ids': [(6, 0, attachment_ids)]}, context=context)

#if msg_id:
#mail_mail.send(cr, uid, [msg_id], context=context)

return True

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