Get users ids from the group – odoo

    def create(self, vals):
        result = super(HrExpenseAdvances,self).create(vals)        
        group_hr_expense_manager_id = self.env[''].xmlid_to_res_id('hr_expense.group_hr_expense_manager')
        hr_expense_managers = self.get_users_from_group(group_hr_expense_manager_id)
        if hr_expense_managers:
        return result
    #passing group id using self.env[''].xmlid_to_res_id('hr_expense.group_hr_expense_manager')
    def get_users_from_group(self,group_id):
        users_ids = []
        sql_query = """select uid from res_groups_users_rel where gid = %s"""                
        params = (group_id,), params)
        results =
        for users_id in results:
        return users_ids

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