How to Create Custom Fields in ERPNext?

You can create custom fields in erpnext for kind any transactions and make them available in print formats and reports.

1). To create a custom field go to Setup–>System–>Custom Field



2). click on the button “+New Custome Field”


3). Select a “DocType” for field “Document”  (here we are creating a custom filed for  “Delivery Note”, so we selected Delivery Note Documet)


you can enter the label name which you want to give the field. and you can choose what kind of type should be the custom field. here am choosing date .


if you need a free handed text field in the custom format you can choose “text” from the dropdownbox.


4). Select the label after which you want to insert new field.


save the custom filed and refresh the ERPNEXT.


Convert the .vdi file to a raw disk image (.raw)

here we are going to convert .vdi files to .raw .

Set your VirtualBox Path in Environment Variables  (Path=E:\Oracle\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.exe)

vdi-raw image

a. Go to a cmd prompt and navigate to the VirtualBox folder (typically E:\VM\erpnext) which one we have already in vdi format .

b. Execute the following command:

vboxmanage.exe internalcommands converttoraw “E:\VM\erpnext\erpnext.vdi”  “D:\erpnext.raw”

vdi-raw image