Custom paper formate for Qweb report

1).Create .xml file in your custome module(ep_print)

paperformat.xml (xml file)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<record id="paperformat_frenchcheck" model="report.paperformat">
 <field name="name">French Bank Check</field>
 <field name="default" eval="True"/>
 <field name="format">custom</field>
 <field name="page_height">80</field>
 <field name="page_width">175</field>
 <field name="orientation">Portrait</field>
 <field name="margin_top">3</field>
 <field name="margin_bottom">3</field>
 <field name="margin_left">3</field>
 <field name="margin_right">3</field>
 <field name="header_line" eval="False"/>
 <field name="header_spacing">3</field>
 <field name="dpi">80</field>
<record id="sale.report_sale_order" model="">
 <field name="paperformat_id" ref="ep_print.paperformat_frenchcheck" />



How to Create a new Currency in OpenERP 7 for sales

1). Settings->Configuration->Accounting->Options->Default company currency


2). Select the dropdown menu and click Create and Edit option


3). Select the Default company currency as your new Currency.

4). Settings->Configuration->Sales->Quotations and Sales Orders

(Enable  Use pricelists to adapt your price per customers), Apply and Update


5). Now we can change your Default Currency in Sales Quotations

6). Sales-> Quotation- > Create new


7). Quotation->Pricelist->Create and Edit then give your new Pricelist, you can browse your new currency from the Currency option


8). Select your New Currency from the pricelist


OpenERP 7 IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘server/docutils/writers/html4css1/template.txt’


to solve this issue

1). you can downloaded docutils from Docutils and then copied the html4css1 folder.



2). Copy all files from html4css1 folder and paste into OpenERP7 server folder

destination location (C:\Program Files\OpenERP 7\Server\server\docutils\writers\html4css1)


3). Refresh your OpenERP7.

How to edit Openerp7 Sales Order report/template using the OpenERP Report Designer

If you are using openerp7, you can install the OpenOffice Report Designer module from the Modules (You can search by the key word “designer”)


After the installation you can see a new tab “Reporting”


Download OpenERP Report Designer

This plug-in allows you to create/modify OpenERP Reports into OpenOffice Writer.

OpenERP Report Designer  Installation and Configuration Steps

Save the OpenERP Report Designer plug-­in.

* Follow these steps to install plug-­in.

1. Open Extension Manager window from Menu Bar of Openoffice writer, Open Tools > Extension Menu.

2. Click on “Add” button.

3. Select path where the is located.


4. On the completion of adding package you will get your package under ‘Extension Manager’

and the status of your package become ‘Enabled’.

5. Restart openoffice writer.

6. You will get  a new tab in the menu items.


* Follow the steps to configure OpenERP Report Designer plug-­in in Openoffice writer.

1. click openERP Report Designer,

Connect OpenERP Server from Menu bar , OpenERP Report Designer > Server parameter.


2. Select Server url, database and provide user name and password


3. Click “Connect”.

4. if your connection success, A message appears like ‘You can start creating your report in

*  Select Modify existing report

1. Select the existing report from openerp7.